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The New Year often brings a sense of renewal. New goals will be set, and new chances will be taken. A personal sense of rebirth will often trickle into our living spaces. One of the most popular design questions we receive as a lifestyle management company is how an individual can redesign their spaces with a limited budget.


One of the easiest ways to add new found visual interest in a space is through accessories. Home accessories bring life to a bland interior, together; it creates a sense mood while telling your story. Home accessories, unlike, investment pieces can be switched out frequently in an effort to refresh the space. They help to create an overall feeling of cohesiveness, personality and rhythm throughout the interior, without switching out larger scale or high-ticketed furnishings. The key is to create a compilation that gives a sense of an evolving collection over time. One way to do this is by incorporating organic and industrial elements or items that blend across multiple design styles.


In honor of the New Year, The stylish minds at SLH Lifestyle + Concierge have gathered our curated picks for home accessories that can help to revitalize your current interior. The best part ? All of which are obtainable and can be found nationally at your local target store. If setting a new annual budget is in the cards for you this season, these home accessories will add newfound interest to your current space without breaking the bank.

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SLH Lifestyle + Concierge Design Tip: Mixing Patterns

A Perfectly Patterned Pair

The arrival of spring often evokes the need to refresh our spaces. The easiest way to revitalize your space are with the addition of prints in accessories. They are cost efficient and easy to switch out with the arrival of another season. However, the addition or combination of patterns can leave many printed with panic.  The design minds at SLH Lifestyle + Concierge are going to show you easy ways to add and mix patterns in your interior for a cohesive look.


Interior Tip One | Patterns by Three.

A design challenge that occurs when mixing patterns, is often not knowing how many patterns to combine to give the room a look of cohesiveness. Many may be fearful that the intended purpose will be lost, and it will start to resemble a mixed-matched afterthought. One of the easiest ways to mix patterns is by grouping them in a set of three.

Pick three patterns, in this case the three types of patterns range; however, they are pulled together nicely by the color within each pattern. The color within the pattern is picked out and present throughout other surface accessories and solid fabrics. This defines the space and creates a harmonious balance with the use of multiple patterns.


Interior Tip Two | Patterns by Color Intensity.

Try mixing patterns by color intensity. In this example, the actual patterns all vary, but the color intensity remains the same throughout the room. The monochromatic colors within the patterns create a more harmonious feel throughout the kitchen. Overall, kitchens tend to be overlooked in terms of patterns, but with the addition of patterns, it can easily update and freshen the space. Here, the monochromatic patterns help to create a more modernized look against the stark white cabinets.


Interior Tip Three | Patterns by Hue.

One of the easiest ways to bring in multiple prints with a similar feel is by simply choosing patterns that share one common value, color, as in the same colors are present throughout all of the patterns. Use your chosen colors to help guide you when mixing patterns. If your colors are equally present throughout the prints, they will complement eachother. This bedroom showcases a variety of bold colors throughout the varying patterns. However, because the hues within all the patterns remain the same it creates a well-defined look.


Interior Tip Four | Patterns by Scale.

In this image, a bold wallpaper is an alternative pattern that create a balance with the graphic pillows. When one makes the decision to incorporate patterns, examine the design elements in the pattern. Is there a linear or geometric element present? Look for those design elements in alternative accessories and furniture. This room has a dresser with a linear design element that reinforces balance, by bringing the varying scaled patterns together. Try to pair patterns and prints with similar type fabric. For example, rich and expensive fabric like satin, tends to look great with corresponding formal patterns such as damask.


Interior Tip Five | Patterns by Placement.

Place patterns around the room versus bunching them together. It will often create interest in the room by providing visual movement around the room. Your eye travels from pattern to pattern. By separating the patterns throughout the room on walls, floor coverings and upholstered fabric, one can create consistency without it becoming too busy. The varying scale of these patterns placed around this room evokes a mood of informal and eclectic fun giving a personality preview of the space’s dweller.

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